lunes, 9 de enero de 2012


When I want talk about Santiago, I think many places and situations that have live and say: where to start?
So, to begin from the beginning, the first time that I went to the centre of the city was when I was thirteen years old. This was when my mother accompanied me to the first class of the secondary, I was very nervous for the same.
 I remember, all the people moving very fast, and don’t see and care for the other person. Fundamentally, this occur because the majority of the people work so many ours in the day, so must be stay very tired for to do another activities, for example, do physical exercises, and of this way can to clean their mind and in definitive to have a better live quality.
Another of the causes, related to my opinion, about the little live quality, is the large distances that the resident of the Santiago must to travel for to go to the schools and works. The services and activities are concentrated in points determinate, when walk the people.
The powerful and fast growth that the city of Santiago had experienced cause that the economic and social distances too growth
Anyway, the city of Santiago is very nice respect your architecture and people. Have many places where you can go, how for example, the Santa Lucia hill. When go so many tourists and couples.
Also have many places and park when you can go to fun with the family and kids. Also places for adults when you can go the take a drink, with a lot of night live, like the Ñuñoa park or neighborhood Bellavista or neighborhood Brasil.
The attractives of Santiago have a lot of diversity and fun but you can know the different corner that make of Santiago a interest city to know.

lunes, 2 de enero de 2012

the chinese hororscope

I am in the horoscope Chinese the Dragon. I never have been interested for horoscope but reading the thing what said about my sign specifically Earth Dragon because y was born even years 1928 and 1988, specifically in 1988. Here say “Earth Dragons make better decisions because they act more rationally” but I believe another thing, only is fun identifying with behaviors what help us to order the situations what happen in the life
Anyway, something maybe coincide with my personality but I think what are thing than can be applied to anyone person because the definition are very general and ambiguous.
One thing cause me surprise and might when I read: “in the health the point more weak is the system nervous”.
Also I read: While Dragons frequently help others, rarely will they ask for help. Others are attracted to Dragons, especially their colorful personalities, but deep down, Dragons prefer to be alone. Perhaps that is because they’re most successful when working alone. Their preference to be alone can come across as arrogance or conceitedness, but these qualities aren’t applicable. Dragons have tempers that can flare fast! In relation to this can be interpretive how the persons try to be like other persons and search approbation and affection, but in relation to my personality I believe that coincide with my way of think.
Definitely, the Chinese horoscope and the horoscope in general, result interesting to investigate the origins of the doctrine with regard to the occidental culture and the oriental culture.

lunes, 26 de diciembre de 2011


Hello, my name is Roberto and will speak about the things that happen in the Christmas during the last weekend. First, the Friday I stay in the FAU in the cairns with someone of my friends.
Later, in the night I was go to search to my girlfriend to her department and we go to my home.
The Saturday I was to work to the supermarket of packer. Is very near of my home,  so I walk to supermarket and was of ten of the morning to two of afternoon. Later I was to eat a lot of meat with salad.
In the night of Saturday we cook with my father and my girlfriend and later, we go to home of my mother to leave presents. Especially to my little sister.  She have fourth teen years old.
Later in the night pass of the twelve we was to home to my aunt in the car, but my father was drinking, I must to drive the car. Was very dangerous because when stay driving one car almost crash with the car that I drive. Also, I don’t have license of driver.
Anyway, we arrive without negative news at the house of my aunt and they gave me a nice clock.

martes, 31 de mayo de 2011

Cuasimodo celebrations in Chile

The festival has its origins many years held by the Catholic Church in the sixteenth century Council of Trent in Italy, it states that any person should confess at least once a year.
The festival is a religious holiday Quasimodo typical Chilean central zone and emerges during the colonial period, mainly for giving communion in the homes of sick or unable to attend themselves to the Church. The day is celebrated this holiday is the following Sunday after Easter.
At first, the priest and he were accompanied by peasants who were responsible for caring for that was not assaulted by bandits there. They wore bandanas, as in horses, adorned with banners and flowers.
As the years passed, the tradition of accompanying the priest was becoming much more important, until now that different people join the procession, either on horses or bicycles.
However, participation on the organization of this festival has resulted in a loss of spontaneity and has become a celebration organized by the ecclesiastical authority; therefore, the huasos should necessarily change their clothes. Instead of using handkerchiefs, now must wear robes with a cross that symbolizes the Vatican and also cover their ponchos with a layer of white. In addition to other considerations such as proven asset to accompany Catholic priest, and not as previously required only the conviction of wanting to serve in some way.
The tradition is mainly in rural communities in the metropolitan area such as El Monte, Talagante, Padre Hurtado, Quilicura, Peñalolen, Hill and The Paico.
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martes, 10 de mayo de 2011

Male and Women

Men an women are essentially different according to their behavior against a particular situation. While some react euphoric, others remain quiet. This is also determined by the society in which we live, therefore, has an hitorical origin.
It is scientifically proven some of these differences, for example, some men perfom tasks or spatial nature exercices better shape than woman. The typical example is in the time it takes for woman to park a car.

Other differences are found in mathematical reasoning that men take advantage, while precision exercises with your hands.
There are other more mundane considerations which are related to these than is usually heard by men or women and they respond, in general, prejudices or stereotypes that over time we have heard. For example, men can not do two things simultaneously, that while men get mad or lying, crying women, that women always go to the bathroom with their friends, the fear of commintment of men being unable to leave speaking of women, and so endless phrases that stereotype even more men and women.
In conclusion if you ask me I would say yes we are different but are equal before the law and have the same rights, in essence we are very different.

martes, 5 de abril de 2011


was with some friends on vacation, at the ninth region, near the vocán villarrica, when the time for all you know, reality begins to move so far believed stable. Fortunately he had not drunk alcohol since I was sick to my stomach. it started slowly to the havoc, trying to leave the house as kindergartners affirmed each other when we go out to the patio, piercing screams of possession of the place and knew she was in front of something big. While trying to leave the house, we azotabamos between it and the grid was to the side and everything came down and did not know now what happened. When we finally reached the courtyard, silence and total darkness, 4 blue lights approaching. Terrified I thought they were aliens, while my friends cried and cried. It ended when he heard a voice that said, all right?